A Complete Series

I started writing the Kings of Ghumai series back in 2013.  After composing two so-so unpublished novels, I really threw myself into this one.  I built an entire world, from a distant past to the plot that would unfold over five novels.  I was so impressed with myself after finishing The First Kingdom that I tried to get an agent to represent me.  Such an effort was probably premature and ultimately so stressful that I haven’t bothered since.

Nevertheless, I was not content to leave The First Kingdom sitting in My Documents folder for the rest of eternity like I did with my first two novels.  (Titled Historical Records and The Crime Gene, if you were wondering.)  Amazon lets authors self-publish at will, and I decided to go down that path.

Four years later, I’ve self-published six books and am preparing to send the final Kings of Ghumai book into the world.  It’s titled The Fifth Key, and I hope its a satisfactory wrap up for a story that means so much to me.  But, given how I have zero reviews on the sequels to The First Kingdom, I’ll probably never be sure how any readers react to it.  Well, I’m satisfied with it, so I guess that will have to do.

Along with The Fifth Key, I’ll be publishing Kings of Ghumai: The Complete Series.  This is where you’ll find the whole series in one collection, which, strangely, I don’t think I can directly link with the individual titles on Amazon.  Oh well.

Getting to this point is a personal accomplishment.  I didn’t just complete one book.  I completed a series!  And though I haven’t achieved any real success with it, I am glad to have made it this far.  Ghumai will be part of my legacy, perhaps forever collecting dust on Amazon, but also perhaps for more people to one day discover.

Even after making it to this point, I can’t say I’m finished.  I’m working on two other novels and am thinking about a third.  They’ll be standalones.  I’m not ready to go back into another series.  And I’m also considering writing a screenplay, because why not?  If I can write books no one will ever read, I can write a script no one will ever produce!
Maybe I have too much time on my hands…but it also feels like I never have enough.
Thank you for indulging my thoughts, and if you’ve made it this far, can I suggest you pick up Kings of Ghumai: The Complete Series?

Until I write again.

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