Starting A New Journey May Not Be So Hard

Actually, just as in Kingdom Hearts, it may have already begun.  See it was about a year ago that I finished my first novel.  Okay, it was really my third novel.  But it was the first one I actually considered worthy of publishing.  So I jumped into an unknown world of literary agents, query letters, publishers, etc.  After months of research, and subsequent months of abysmal failure, I jumped out.  The traditional route just wasn’t going to happen.  Oh sure, I could make my first post here all about the complaints I had with the process, but that’s what my Twitter account was for.  This here Tumblr/website/Blogspot/whatever you’re reading this on will be documenting what is happening and what is going to happen, as I dive back into researching the next phase: self-publishing.

So yeah, I’m just another asshole who’s going to be wasting my time and yours as I add more pointless drivel to the digital stocks of Amazon’s Kindle Library. Sorry.  But hey, you might actually learn something as we go through the process.  And by you, I mean my zero followers.  And by we, I mean me.

Let’s recap what I’ve done to get to this point.  First, I wrote a novel right after I graduated college.  I had always intended to write something.  I’d been saving story ideas since 2004.  But there just wasn’t any free time in college, as essays on religion, politics, and the like were my sole output.  Even after graduation in May 2011, it was not a priority.  It wasn’t until I heard that my old creative writing teacher from 8th grade was asking about me that I seriously started to consider putting pen to paper, so to speak.  So I took some of my interests, mainly politics, history, and time travel, and meshed them into a story I’d recently thought of.  It took over a year to finish.  Less if you don’t count the six months I spent on a Congressional campaign and got zero pages finished.  I actually completed the novel a month after the race ended.  Then I showed it to some family and friends, who were supportive if not legitimately impressed.  They could have been though.  In fact, I should be using this platform to sell myself, or more precisely, my writing.  So strike that.  They were sincerely flabbergasted at the masterpiece I had created.  And it was only my first!  Why didn’t I try to publish it?  Well, it was a bit short, and I was busy looking for a “real” job once my candidate lost.  So I moved on to novel number two in my free time.  As for my first novel, you may get the chance to read it someday, but I plan on rewriting the whole damn thing.

My second novel took about six months to write.  And that was with a nearly three month hiatus after I got hired to do some administrative crap.  Unemployment really gives you the time to get stuff done.  Jobs just make you tired and want to do nothing but go home and watch Veronica Mars til you fall asleep.  Anyway, after I finished this one, I considered publishing, and even made a Twitter account to promote said book when the time came.  Alas, previously mentioned family and friends were less enthused with my second attempt.  In this one I had combined genocide and American politics.  What was not to love?  Maybe the plethora of characters and dark subject matter turned them off.  You will never read this novel.

The third time’s the charm, right?  It’s either that, or three strikes, I’m out.  Look at me, using cliches.  You can tell how professional I am.  Anyhow, I started novel number three in November 2013, and finished about year later.  This was a fantasy, with an intricate history and three dimensional characters all crafted in my free moments and inspired by some of my favorite stories.  I was even impressed with this one when I finished it.  That’s when I got the crazy notion to actually try and get it published.  This lead to whole “abysmal failure” I mentioned before.

Despite the setback, I was still compelled to get this one out into the world.  So now it’s on to self-publishing.  It’s been nearly a year, and the time has come.  I’m already working on the sequel.  Yes, this is a series.  Of course, I made the mistake of trying to write an unrelated story in the interim.  When you have limited time, better to focus on that which you love.  And not some crappy zombie novel.  You will never read this one, either.

The date is set.  Well, the time-frame is set.  My eBook is coming in May 2016.  It may not get a single reader, but it will be out there in the world.  And so to, will this.

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