Step one sure is lasting longer than I first intended it to. Seems like it’s more of a phase than a step. So that’s what I’ll start calling it. Phase One: Preparation.

Or does step one sound better? Whatever. You get the idea. They’re basically synonymous anyway.

And now that we’ve done a lot of research and chosen our pen name, we can set up social media. And again, by we, I mean me.

I’m going with D. N. Meinster. Fortunately, I reserved my Twitter account nearly three years ago, after I got excited when I finished by second novel. Again, you will never read it. And since I already had an earlier Twitter account, I only used @dnmeinster when ranting about the whole traditional publishing process. And then I had other shit going on last year, so the whole feed got really depressing. So I deleted it. Every tweet gone into oblivion. It needed a fresh start, believe me.

Speaking of fresh starts, I already have Twitter and Tumblr accounts, both under old pseudonyms. I’ve tended to use them more, and they are often for the politically initiated. That’s what happens when you graduate with a Political Science degree. But for this undertaking, I’ve started new accounts, and I intend to use them more frequently. That’s one of those things you have to do when you self-publish. It’s all part of SOCIAL MEDIA. But I’m going to refrain from politics here. If you are so interested in my opinions, I’m sure you could find my other usernames if you try hard enough.

Okay, back to setting this stuff up. Twitter, check. What’s next? A lot of what I’ve read so far has recommended a Facebook page. I’m reluctant to put one up so soon, but I might at some point in the future. If I chose to go with advertising on Facebook, then yes, I will start a page for myself and/or my novel. But until then, I’ll stick with my personal profile.

Now, blogging daily sounds like it’s almost a requirement for a self-publishing author. This is so you gain a following before you publish. Great idea, but likely harder than it sounds. Yet here I am, blogging. And on Tumblr? Why Tumblr? Well, most of my readings promote Blogspot or WordPress. I have nothing against either of them. In fact, I may start one up just to cross-post. But to me, Tumblr has always reminded me of Xanga. Does anyone remember Xanga? It was all I used 12 years ago. And Tumblr is what I’ve been using for posts that just won’t fit in tweets. So I figured I’d keep at it.

What’s that? You’re reading this on my website and not Tumblr? It’s called cross-posting. For now, my website is just another home for my blog posts. That’ll change soon enough, but I didn’t buy a web domain to leave it blank for two months. Yes, buy. More on that later.

That about covers it…SOCIAL MEDIA complete-ish.

Yes, there’s obviously a lot more these days. Instagram, Snap Chat, LinkedIn, Google Plus. Hahaha Google Plus. Don’t know how much of those I’ll be using, but I’ve got the basics.

Cross-posted on Tumblr

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