Collaborating on a Cover Commission

I have been working with my friend on designing a cover. After weeks of brainstorming, I came up with an idea and sketched it out. Now, I haven’t drawn much since elementary school, but even trying to make that sketch match what was in my head was embarrassing. It’s awful, and though I may post it just to show how the cover evolved, I really don’t want to. And to think I once dreamed of being an author and illustrator.

My friend lives in Florida, so we’re mainly collaborating over Skype. I sent her my awful drawing, and she took it from there. First came the rough outline, and then came the sketching part. That’s where we’re still at. I tell her the character details, and she makes it real. A simple description of a dress becomes something that my character is actual wearing. A weapon I’ve only seen in my head is now visible for all. It’s bizarre, but also kinda cool.

After the sketching phase is done, then comes the actual painting. This will be live-streamed and (hopefully) recorded. And then there’s the matter of a logo. It seems I have to find a font, and make one out of that. Otherwise, who knows how much more I’ll get charged. It might be worth it though. I really suck at the art.

Speaking of phases, it seems I’ve moved on to Phase Two: Pre-Launch. More on that later.

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