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D. N. Meinster is a Rutgers University graduate and former New Jersey political operative.  After retiring from politics, he stumbled into a career in Information Technology, a field in which he has no professional training but depends on to make a living.  While his political science degree gathered dust, he started a second occupation for which he also had no training and would go on to make even less money:  writing novels.  It took five years and several unpublished works before he determined that one novel was ready to be let out into the world.  Since then, tens of readers have enjoyed the Kings of Ghumai series, and even less have spent countless hours enthralled by his other books, all of which are available on Amazon.com.  Though being an independent author has helped fill that vast void of despair in his life, he also spends his days watching TV, obsessing over Kingdom Hearts, and searching for a Twitter alternative.

3 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hey, just finished reading Caste of Corpses. Great book. Unfortunately terrifying in the reality of its possibility. I look forward to reading more of your books!

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    • First comment on my website! That’s worth overcoming my general anti-socialness to respond.

      I always had my doubts about releasing Caste of Corpses to the public, but if even one person (in this case, you) enjoys it, then I suppose it was worth it. The story was never meant to be predictive, unlike a book I had outlined about an alternate universe where Trump was elected president (oops). But if the disparity between classes in America continues on its present course, there’s only one likely outcome, and we might be wishing for a zombie virus at that point.

      As for my other books, I’m currently working on a YA Fantasy series called Kings of Ghumai, which is available on Amazon. There are three books out right now, and you can find links to them on the homepage of this website.

      Oh, and if you wouldn’t mind leaving a brief review for Caste of Corpses on Amazon, I’d appreciate it.


  2. I got “Our Friends Upstairs” as an ebook for free and it is one of the very few of this kind I have actually read till the end. It came at a time when I thought that I would like to read an utopia for a change, a positive outlook to our future. I am done with stories about what they do after the apocalypse. Nothing, I presume, since there will be nothing left if we continue this way. So thank you for a bit more optimism. Even if it is a deus ex machina, but this just underscores your message that there is not really alien help waiting to come at the last minute. I even wrote a similiar book about the climate catastrophe and had magic as my deus ex machina.
    May I add your style reminded me a bit of Tom Clancy? Without all the violence, but the inside of the american goverment.
    Greetings from Germany.


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