Self-Publishing on the Cheap

Can you really be successfully at self-publishing if you don’t invest a ton of money into it? Right around World War I, the British Empire was looking to cut back on costs. Imperialism is expensive, you know. So began, what I believe Winston Churchill phrased, the “Empire on the Cheap.” Leave some of the right people in charge here, withdraw from there, and you can save x amount of money. In the long run, not very successful. But in the short run? SAVINGS.

Okay, probably a weak comparison, but I did minor in history. I need to use that information somewhere, and it’s not happening at my current place of employment.

I suppose what I’m saying is, trying to do things half-assed is rarely going to work. But when your finances are low, do the best you can.

There are certain aspects of self-publishing I am willing to invest in and there are others that I’m avoiding. Yes, this may be foolish, but when you’re only able/willing to spend so much, you have to pick and choose.

If I had unlimited funds, I would undoubtedly hire a professional editor to go over my work. Instead, this one has unprofessional editors. I’ve had a friend go through it for the big picture editing, and I’ve had family go through it for typos and such. And I’ve gone though it myself several times. I may even read it again before I publish. But that’ll be it. If I make enough, you can bet the sequel will get the proper treatment. But as of right now, that’s an IF.

I’m sure the odd typo might sneak through, but right now, I am very comfortable publishing what I’ve got. It wouldn’t be perfect no matter how much I might drop on it. When you’re reading it, if you notice a typo, feel free to message me about it. I’ll fix it. I want it fixed. I’m OCD like that. However, I would not consider it to be a mess of errors. This thing isn’t going to be free, so I know when you drop your hard earned money on it, you expect quality. Or at least to get your three dollar’s worth. And that you will.

But if I’m not spending cash on the editing, where is the money going? Mainly to my artist friend and to marketing. But also to buying a domain and whatever assorted costs pop up. I don’t have an actual list yet. Maybe I should. Shit. Add make a list to Phase One plans.

I mean, I have a general list in my head, but probably better to get that written down.

I do have a budget though. It’s not a lot, but we’ll see how far it gets me. Fortunately I’m not running an empire.

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