Phase Four: The Official Launch, Here We Go

Tomorrow is the day.  I’ve spent several months putting this together (years if you count writing the novel).  Though the last few weeks have been fairly quiet, they’ve all been leading here.  I didn’t realize what a turbulent week it’d be, especially due to some family issues that were beyond my control, as they often are.  All that happened after I’d set the date.

So what exactly is happening on this July 1 at 3AM EST (12AM PST), my Amazon Countdown Deal goes into effect.  The price of my novel, The First Kingdom, will drop to $0.99 for the next week.  Later this day, three promos have been scheduled with Book Barbarian, Digital Book Today, and E.B.Brown’s Mega Promo (though I have yet to receive any official confirmation for this one).  Then, after work, I will be posting it on my personal Facebook page.  All those people I rarely speak to will possibly see that I’ve written something, and then probably scroll right past and not buy it.  And there’ll be subsequent posts on Twitter and Tumblr.  I’ll have to try not to spam them too much.

Over the weekend, I’ve got approximately seven other promos running, and then about two each day until the end of the Countdown Deal.  The full details of my advertising will come in a post after all this is done with.  We’ll see how much of an unintended mistake it may have been running these around July 4.  Or in the middle of the summer.

It is weird, putting myself out there like this.  Part of me doesn’t even want anyone to read my novel.  It’s out there, and that’s enough.  So why did I do this?  Why did I spend any money on this?  Well, obviously another part of me does want this one read, and was curious enough to try this whole self-published author business.  And that part won out.  I’m committed to putting what I’ve written on Amazon now.  That doesn’t mean I’ll advertise in the future.  It really doesn’t mean anything, except if you want to read the sequels, you’ll be able to.

This has been an interesting journey, starting with my abysmal failure last year and up until now.  It’s certainly out of the norm for an introvert like me.  I may have reached the final phase, but this isn’t the end.  There’s more to do, and, of course, much more to write.

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