Three Years, Six Books, One Series

I admit I’ve been negligent when it comes to posting regularly on my website.  There is little to say about my writing between promotions, and I prefer to focus the spare time I have actually working on my latest novel, as opposed to coming up with some topic to post on.  The rare occasions that I find I have something to say, they are usually unrelated to writing and thus are confined to my Tumblr.  My latest series of posts went about analyzing Kingdom Hearts III, a series close to my heart but far from the subject of this website.  As was my post on The Last Jedi, a rant that most assuredly belonged on Tumblr.

Yet here we are again.  Spring arrives, and with it, the latest in my ongoing series, Kings of Ghumai.  In the intervening year, I spent some dollars on a service that sends out free copies of books to readers that are most likely to leave reviews.  While this service ended up costing less than anticipated, due to YA Fantasy not being popular among their readership, it did lead to an up-tick in reviews on The First Kingdom.  That number now stands at 15 on Amazon’s website, with a 3.8 or so star count.

There was mostly fair criticism among the reviews, which included invectives such as “slow” and some dislike of the flashbacks.  But comments on the actual story were generally positive, which was somewhat reassuring.  The First Kingdom was my first published novel, and I expect that I’ve evolved in the years since I first wrote it.  Unfortunately, there are still no reviews on the sequels.  I would be quite curious to find out if reviewers note any improvement as the series went on.  I would hope so!  Perhaps I’ll get one in the future.

Since the last Kings of Ghumai novel came out, I also published a standalone called Caste of Corpses.  I even wrote a post about it.  What I never did was follow up.  Oops.  Suffice to say, there were a bunch of free downloads, and Freebooksy remains the best service I can get accepted to promote with.  I also got one four-star review on it, and a comment on my website praising it.  I guess those that read the note from the author at the end were inclined to provide feedback.  That’s all of two people, mind you.

And now, the fourth Kings of Ghumai book is upon us:  The Fourth Revolt.  It will be free for five days (April 22-26, 2019), and you can grab the whole series for under two dollars.  Probably worth it!

The Fourth Revolt takes place in the Kingdom of Terrastream, and given it deals with the politics of the realm and revolutions, there is some commentary on Trump.  I couldn’t help it!  Who better to base a tyrant off of than the one us Americans are currently living under?

While you’re reading The Fourth Revolt (please?), I will be finishing up Book Five, The Fifth Key.  It is the last book in the series, and, within a couple months, I will be finished with it (hopefully).  I have never spent so much time with the same characters in the same world, and I will miss them all.  But with this ending, there will also be a new beginning.  First to come, a standalone due out next year.  And who knows, maybe one day I’ll revisit Ghumai.  Before then, there are many other worlds and timelines and universes to stop by, including our own.

Until I write again.

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