Been A While

If you follow me on Twitter, then you should know that despite my lack of updates to every site besides Twitter, I am still alive.  But even though I may not have been posting about it, I’ve been busy working on Kings of Ghumai and those couple other books I mentioned last year.  So, here come some announcements.

Book Three in the Kings of Ghumai series is titled The Third Immortal and will be officially released in April.  The cover’s done, and if you want a preview, stayed tuned to my Twitter feed.

I’ve briefly put on my political science hat once more and will be releasing The Constitution’s Not Dead (But You’re Killing It) in the coming months.  It’s available on Tumblr for now, but probably won’t be once I launch it as an ebook.

I’ll be testing out Kindle Scout with my zombie/political novel sometime after those two launch.  I’ll have more on that later.

See?  I haven’t just been moping for the last year.  More like the last month, but that’s another story.  And not one I’ll be telling.

One more thing.  Once Book Three is released, Book One will be free for a limited time.

That about covers it.  I’m booking promos and I’ll probably be writing more later.

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