Second Launch Post-Mortem: One Month Later

So the launch of The Second Dynasty (Book Two in the Kings of Ghumai series) wrapped about a month ago, so I figured it was time for the requisite recap.  My goal with this launch was simple: keep it cheap, spend money next year when Book Three comes out.  I wound up spending about one-third of what I spent last year, with only seven sites booked for a promotion, with a continuing ad going with Amazon Marketing Services.  Because most sites don’t let you promote Book Two, that meant The First Kingdom was going to be the driver of any sales.

My first mistake was booking sites only a month in advance.  Many had filled up, most notably Book Barbarian.  My second mistake was not paying attention to applicable KDP sales dates.  Amazon has very specific, very stupid, rules for when a book can be 99 cents.  And because TFK and TSD entered KDP on different days, there was only a short overlap for when they could both be reduced in price.  THIS IS DUMB AND COMPLICATED AND I HATE IT.  Next year I have to coordinate this with three books.  UGH.

Anyhow, I began the promotion on May 3 with GenrePulse, which I used last year to decent results.  Here’s this year’s:

TFK Units Sold: 3

TSD Units Sold: 3

Total: 6

And I also sold 1 paperback copy of The First Kingdom, the only day I did so.  So really, the total is 7.  So, not bad.

May 4, I booked with Price Dropped Books, which I guess is GenrePulse’s sister site?  Here’s how that went:

TFK Units Sold: 0

TSD Units Sold: 0

Total: 0

This is not what you want on your second day of promotion.  It’s not what you want ever.  So probably crossing this one off the list for next year.

May 5, I tried Reign of Reads, which specializes in fantasy books promos.  Results:

TFK Units Sold: 4

TSD Units Sold: 0

Total: 4

So an improvement from the day before, but not spectacular, especially for TSD.  Still, I’d consider using them again.

May 6, I booked with eBook Betty, who I believe I used last year as well.  Results:

TFK Units Sold: 1

TSD Units Sold: 2

Total: 3

Well, I actually sold copies of the book I was launching so that’s something.

May 7 brought about my biggest mistake.  I had meant for one site a day, but in my apparently exhaustion, I booked two sites on a Sunday.  Oops.  Did not mean to that.  Here are the results of a combined booking of Awesome Gang and Books with a Groove:

TFK Units Sold: 3

TSD Units Sold: 1

Total: 4

So not great, but you know, my fault.  Anyhow, because of this, I had zero promos booked on Monday, May 8.  But I still sold some copies:

TFK Units Sold: 2

TSD Units Sold: 1

Total: 3

I dunno who gets the credit for these, but probably the sites I booked the day before, right?  May 9 was my last day, but probably my best thanks to Bargain Booksy.  Take a look:

TFK Units Sold: 10

TSD Units Sold: 7

Total: 17

Well, at least the launch went out with a bang.  These results from Bargain Booksy are better than I got last year, and the best for the entire launch.  I’d book with them in a heartbeat #cliche.

Probably would’ve started with them if I realized I ‘d sell this well with them.

Overall here are the results, and a chart to lay it all out:

TFK Total Units: 24

TSD Tota Units: 14

Total: 38

May 2017 sale

And I even sold one on May 10, which brings the total to 39.  Now, unofficially, I was hoping to sell at least thirty books.  But I’d lost hope by the time Bargain Booksy brought me up to that number.  Even better, someone bought The Second Dynasty on June 1, meaning they’d gotten through the first and actually wanted to pay full price for the sequel.  Does that mean I have one fan out there?  Are you reading this?  Hi!

So, what’s next?  I’m launching at least one book this fall, possibly two, and neither are related to Kings of Ghumai.  I intend to experiment with them, trying Facebook ads, free giveaways, etc. before I launch Book Three next year and apply what I’ve learned.  So you’ll be hearing from me in a few months, bot that is reading this.

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