Kings of Ghumai Book 2 is Coming

As the second book in the Kings of Ghumai series nears its release, I figured it was time for a new post and an update.

While The First Kingdom has been selling as well as stale meatloaf, I’ve been busy working on the sequel. I finished it at the end of last year, and recently got it back from my “editor.” While I continue to revise it for release, I’ve commissioned my friend to draw the cover. She seems much happier about what I want her to draw for this one, and it will hopefully turn out well. Right now, it’s a work in progress, but I’ll reveal it when it’s ready.

If you subscribe to my mailing list, you already know the title of the sequel. If not, you should subscribe to my mailing list. I also sent the first chapter to my subscribers a couple of months ago.

But, as I assume you’re not subscribed, since if you’re reading this you’ve probably never heard of me and have somehow stumbled onto this post, I’ll give you the scoop: Kings of Ghumai Book 2 will be called The Second Dynasty. Watch this space and you’ll probably find the first chapter posted sometime before release. And that release date is…

APRIL 2017.

I don’t have a specific day yet, but it’s coming. And that’s just the soft release. The official release date will be in May, with accompanying sales price and advertising.

Right now, I’ve begun working on Book 3, though that’s still got a way to go. Don’t expect it this year.

However, there is more. In my post-election haze, I’ve started working on a bit of nonfiction. It concerns new amendments to the Constitution, and I’ll probably release it later this year. I’m finally putting that Political Science degree to use.

And, lastly, there is the potential I’ll release a one-off novel later this year. I wrote it two years ago, and depending on my editor’s advice, I may decide to make it public. I guess I should probably reread it too, and if I enjoy reading it more than I did writing it, I may release it anyway. Don’t worry, that one will not cost you much.

So as long as the world doesn’t end this year, there will be plenty more from me. And if you want more frequent updates, you should follow me on Twitter.

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