Inspiration Break: Doctor Who

I didn’t get on board the TARDIS until 2011, after a few months of listening to The Nerdist Podcast. So many episodes began with the hosts chatting about Doctor Who, and it persuaded me to check it out.

Episode one of the 2005 reboot/continuation/revitalization was nothing special.  But episode two blew my mind.  In it, the Doctor takes Rose three billion years into the future. And the gist of it is, what if humanity didn’t die?  What if they survived and created an intergalactic empire?  Now, maybe it was all the dystopian fiction at the time, but I never really considered that humanity could survive that long.  Sure, I’d seen stuff like Firefly where that kind of happens, but this episode was the first time I started thinking of it as a legitimate possibility.  It probably just striked me at the right time, as so many of our favorite things do, but I was hooked after that.

I binged all the way through to Matt Smith’s most recent episode.  This show had everything I loved: history, aliens, future worlds, etc. It even reminded me of…..that’s right, Kingdom Hearts.  Each time they opened the TARDIS doors, they were in another world.  They would meddle in the affairs of different planets, or historical actors.

And I cannot write a post about Doctor Who without mentioning THE Doctor, David Tennant. This man is the Doctor.  His performance is the definitive take on a character that has been rebooted twelve, technically thirteen, times by now. He can play as many metahuman monsters as he wants, but Tennant will always be Ten to me.

Doctor Who switches it up every episode.  They could literally do whatever they wanted plot-wise and it would fit.  The possibilities are endless, which is maybe why the series has lasted so long.

I’m not going to critique each of the actor’s that have played the Doctor, or the men who have ran the show.  I could, but that’s not what this post is about.  It’s about showing some love, which is often lacking online.

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