Looking Back at July

It’s been one month since The First Kingdom officially launched.  Given that, I thought I’d take a look at the statistics for the entire month.  How many units were sold?  How many pages were read?  And did I get any reviews?  Let’s find out.

Amazon’s dashboard groups all its stats by country.  I’ll break it down in the same way.

Amazon.com (USA)
 Units Sold: 73
 Units Refunded: 2
 Net Units Sold: 71
 Kindle Edition Normalized Pages Read: 4673

Amazon.co.uk (UK)
 Units Sold: 5
 Pages Read: 1

Amazon.ca (Canada)
 Units Sold: 2
 Pages Read: 0

Amazon.au (Australia)
 Units Sold: 1
 Pages Read: 0

July Totals
 Net Units Sold: 79
 Pages Read: 4674

So, for a first time author, not too bad, right?  Let’s compare to the soft launch numbers, which covered half of May and all of June.  This I’ll just group together.

May/June Totals
 Units Sold: 2
 Pages Read: 1705

My first take away is that being in the Kindle Select program has its advantages when you’re not advertising or putting any money into your book (perhaps other than for the cover).  Despite my lack of promotion, I still managed to get 1705 pages read in May and June.  Given that Amazon considers my book to be about 327 pages, that’s an average of six people reading it.  So for the soft launch, I had maybe 8 or so people give it a look.  Not exactly great, but it’s not zero.

July was much better, as it should have been.  I had at least 15 people look at it through Kindle Unlimited, and sold 79 copies.  That’s approximately 94 people checking it out, which is much closer to my original goal of 100 for the month.

Given that I’ve heard you get a review for every 100 sold, it shouldn’t come as a shock that I got one review.  (I had another earlier in the month, but Amazon took it down for whatever reason. And they would not tell me why.  Terrible.)  The review that they left up is a four star review and consists of three words: “A childs book.”  Well maybe they didn’t realize it’s a YA book.  But I like that they gave four stars.  Seems like a mixed signal to me.  Still, I find it interesting that the one out of a hundred CW holds true here.  Since it went up, my book has had over 100 people take a gander at it.  And four stars in a completely unsolicited review.  I shouldn’t complain, even if the words aren’t too kind.

I’d say the Kings of Ghumai series is off to a promising if mediocre start.  And that’s not bad at all.  It could’ve been a lot worse.  Four more books to go.

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