What’s Next?

With the initial launch behind me, I still feel that there is tons more to do.  It’s like this whole being-a-writer thing is a never-ending process.

My main objective over the next six months is to obtain reviews.  Reviews are apparently hard to come by.  I’ve read that for every 100 sales, you can expect one review.  But I’ve also read the same for 1000 sales.  So…hey you!  Person reading this.  Have you read The First Kingdom?  I’d appreciate a review on my Amazon page!

And that’s just the beginning.  There’s going to be a lot of begging going on.  I’ve got to beg strangers. There’s a place on reddit to beg.  GenrePulse offers a service that will connect you with one of Amazon’s top reviewers…for money.  It’s expensive.  I guess it comes down to what exactly I’m willing to spend for this one book.  But I’m not in a rush…yet.

Also coming soon:  more advertising!  I will definitely being used Amazon Marketing again because it’s not expensive.  It also hasn’t been effective, but I’m curious if I can manage at least one sale through the service.  Then there’s Facebook advertising, which I need to look into.  And I’m also considering ads on Goodreads.

There are also the numerous advertisers that require reviews for their ads that I was unable to book with for launch.  I’d like to use those at some point.  I just need to get reviews.  The minimum for most of them is five.  I should be able to manage that somehow.

Since there are more ads to do, that means there are more Countdown Deals to come.  I don’t know when yet, but I’ll notify anyone that might care through social media and on my website.

Of course, there’s also the sequel that I’m working on writing, which is about half-way done.  I am shooting for Summer/Q3 2017 launch right now.  I might get it out earlier if everything goes smoothly.  Or later, if it doesn’t.

The one thing that isn’t coming is an abundance of blog posts.  With the main launch process finished, I don’t have much to write about.  There may be an occasional Inspiration/Perspiration break on Tumblr, but other than that?  You need to follow me on Twitter if you want to know I’m still alive.  However, given that there’s much more to do, I’ll probably be cranking these posts out again at some point.

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