Amazon Exclusive (For Now)

After some reading and investigating, I have come to an important decision for launch. I should emphasize that it is just one. There are still others I haven’t decided on.

For the first 90 days, at the very least, my eBook will be an Amazon Kindle exclusive. Yay?

It has been my intention for most of this period that my novel would not be just for Kindle, and that I would have it on many platforms through Smashbooks. But as I browsed through Kindle fantasy I noticed two things. One, many of the novels were priced at $3.99. And two, below that price was a $0.00 price for Kindle Unlimited subscribers. There were a lot like that. Enough to compel even more research.

Turns out that Amazon has a program that, if you make your book a Kindle exclusive, they will allow readers to borrow your book for free AND pay you based on page reads. Obviously, they don’t pay much per page, but it’s still something. And they appear to promote books in that program more than those that do not partake. After reading up on this, I learned some authors are making more through borrowing than through book sales. Isn’t that interesting?

The only downside is that if you join Amazon’s program, it’s not gonna be on the iTunes and Nook estores, or any other actually. But Amazon let’s you opt out every 90 days. So it could be, if you so choose later on. This requires mentioning that many who participated in this were not making even double digit sales on other platforms, so there was no downside to making it an Amazon exclusive.

So, that’s what I’m going with. We’ll see if it’s worth staying put after 90 days. Now to decide on a launch price. There’s much more conflicting information on that one.

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